Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor

James m. pruss - Founding Partner

As a Financial Advisor, with a global perspective, it's my job is to help people prepare  and manage the unexpected.  In addition to this,  I leverage my experience in the U.S. and abroad to assist corporate clients and individuals meet the insurance requirements of their expatriate workforce as well as those arriving in the U.S. for work assignment or immigration. 

As someone who values family and community, I love that I work in a business that’s all about relationships and building trust. I devote my spare time to family, travel, and love of all Boston teams!


Risk Management & Technical       Advisor

Risk Management & Technical Advisor

Paul J. West- Strategic partner

GapSpot! Managing Director & Technical Advisor

Licensed in health, life, property & casualty insurance to advise on cyber security solutions, crisis resilience, risk management, IT audits and compliance. Paul manages IT risk scenarios through ongoing IT contingency planning, practiced disaster recovery processes, truly resilient data backup services and appropriately established cyber insurance solutions. As an independent broker, he also offers benefit management solutions to business operations that improve employee well being, duty of care and the general welfare of any company. 

Paul is a technical consultant dedicated to locating the gaps between technology/technical processes and business operations to ensure company elasticity and business continuity. He also provides strategic guidance to businesses looking to enhance employee retention through the use of voluntary, pre-tax benefits that reduce payroll taxes and increase employee take home pay.  

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